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Cooking at home

Choose from thousands of recipes and cook delicious meals at home, choose difficulty and time needed.

Virtual Fridge:

Scan bar-codes of the ingredients you have in the Fridge and NuSaGi will generate recipes according to the ingredients you already have.

want to cook something but Some ingredients are missing? 

Order missing ingredients with one click and our

partners will deliver them to your doorsteps.

Eat The Food You Love while achieving your




Health goals

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NuSaGi generates all the dishes offered by nearby restaurants

that fit your previously set limits (Calories, Budget, Vitamins, Food preferences: Vegetarian etc.)

You can order delivery or go to the restaurant.

After eating your favorite food, the calories are subtracted from the daily limit and new list of dishes is generated.

We work closely with all partner restaurants and count exact calories in raw ingredients that restaurants use in their recipes for each of their meal.

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Just Set your goal and NuSaGi will do the rest

We calculate real calories and nutrition data in every partner restaurant

The app calculates the calories and nutrients needed to achieve the goal within the timeframe set by the user and Generates all the food options available.

Had a bit too much cookies the day before? Don't worry Our Smart Algorithm will subtract the over-consumed calories from the next couple days so you don't have to be hungry and still achieve your goal

Cook yourself
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